Deciding Which Trees to Have Cut Down Before Installation of a New Vinyl Liner Pool in Bucks and Montgomery County

The idea of having a New vinyl liner pool in Bucks and Montgomery County is very appealing to the woman who has recently moved in with her fiance’, as well as to his kids that will soon be her stepchildren. His ex was never big on the idea, so he didn’t pursue it. The yard is big so there’s plenty of room. The main question is what to do about all the trees.


Decisions obviously must be made when a property has lots of trees and a swimming pool will be installed by a company like Sparklean Pools. The builders will save as many trees as they can, but usually some have to go. The property owner may wish to start conservatively and have more trees felled later if they prove to be a problem, but that generally is significantly more expensive to do once the pool is in place.

Which Trees to Have Removed

Obviously, trees must be removed if they stand where the pool and deck will be placed. Another consideration is that trees with branches hanging over the pool may provide too much shade for sunbathers to be happy.

Trees also drop debris into the water. A pool cover can substantially reduce that problem, but organic material can still fall in whenever the pool is in use. Often, it’s best to eliminate the trees that are most responsible for cluttering up the yard with nuts, cones, leaves, seeds and blossoms.

Removing Stumps During Excavation

Pool service companies usually don’t cut trees down. However, they may be able to remove the stumps and the big root ball underneath since they will have excavating equipment on the site. Stumps that are not in the area to be excavated can be eliminated through the application of chemicals that turn the wood porous. Another option would be to schedule stump grinding with the tree service.

New Landscaping Possibilities

The property owners might want to plant shrubs around the pool deck after all the work is completed. These plants can easily be kept trimmed so they don’t grow branches extending into the pool area.