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Understanding Drag as A Performance Art

Over the years, drags a unique group of people has been recognized by the whole community since they were a marginalized group. To understand the term drag is when the men take on the outfits of the females and wear them, not to show their gender but for cats of art. There are also drag king in the same society where the ladies take on the persona of a man and they dress up in the men outfit. The drag society of both the queen and the kings are supposed to put on the outfits not too identify themselves with any gender but they are supposed to put on the outfit for the benefit of art, drama, and comedy. Covered below are the clear guidelines that can help you in understanding the facts about drag as art.

Drag is different from being transgender. People who choose to be the opposite of the gender that they were born with can also be termed as transgender.

To understand the difference between the transgender and the drag kings and queens is the former want to permanently change their gender to the opposite of the sex that they were born in and the latter want to be drag kings and queens for just the shortest period and not change their gender permanently.

With many transgender viewing many drags having the wrong notion about the transgender as people who identify their gender just by the clothes that they choose find it hard to side with the drags. Even though when some of the transgender are shifting in the gender changes they can start by getting into the drag circle by first performing and taking on the drag persona.

This type of culture has been greatly accepted to such an extent that straight men are dressing up like drams queens for the sake of comedy or performing art. With the transgender society being common among the people nowadays and accepted in the society the LGBTQ society will also be seen and understood as the bigger picture of the queer community. To understand the drag culture you need to read the above article that will help you in understanding the culture.

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