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Reaons Why You Should Travel Antarctica

Magnificent glacier, staggering beautiful icebergs, epic mountains, and abundance of wildlife is all contribute the beauty of the Antarctica. Antarctica is popularly known as the white continent and has more than 14 million square kilometers that are virtually untouched by the humankind. The place is surrounded by the Southern Ocean and has isolated landmass that is covered by snow and ice. Antarctica which is the coldest, windiest, and the coldest continent in the world; it offers an excellent destination for the adventure lovers.

One of the best thing that you will enjoy when you tour Antarctica is the wildlife. The continent host one of the best-see animals that you cannot find anywhere in the world. There live the Adelie, chinstraps, Gentoo, and emperor types of penguins in this area. You will get a chance to change with thousands of these birds. Other wildlife that you will witness include the crabeater seals, minke whales, and wandering albatross.

When you visit this place, you shall enjoy the noble history of the place. Antarctica is very rich in the history of the exploration, heroism, and adventure. Among the best place that you should not miss to visit is the whalers bay which experiences an eruption in 1969. Foyn the dock is another historical place that you should visit.

Consider talking to a person who has visited Antarctica, they will confirm that the place has a scene that you have never seen. What you will see on Antarctica, is something that you shall not experience somewhere on the worlds. You will see the wilderness that has not been touched by humans. every day that you will explore the continent, you will discover a new volcano, sand beaches, dangerous icebergs, and beautiful mountains.

If you are a passionate photographer, then Antarctica should be your next destination. In some part of the year, the continent has a 24 hours daylight; you will have an ample time to take the photographs. You have varies of animals that you can capture. Also, some there exist some icebergs of bizarre shape. It is vital to note you can tie your trip to Antarctica to south America since it very near.

If visiting Antarctica is in your plans, you should consider fining a tour company such as the Rose Bay Travel. For tours to the area, there exist different packages. A tourist will have a small ship expedition and land adventure in the area. The tour firm shall arrange for your flight and your accommodation. You shall be accompanies by guide who are conversant with the continents. There are so many things that you will. Scuba diving, swimming, ski, mountaineering, and camping are some of the things that you can do while you are on this majestic continent.

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