Plugs And Their Importance Inside The Industry

When talking about Plugs we often refer to the ones which can be seen inside the various electrical appliances and equipment inside our homes and the workplace. However, in this article we will be referring to plugs in a different context altogether. These small and tiny sized devices are used for various industrial and manufacturing purposes. We will have a look at these unique gadgets and work out what exactly it is that they do.

As such a common product, dip moulding technology is often employed to mass produce these components in the style and sizing required. Each Plug can have many different uses and therefore are considered extremely versatile, some uses include to seal holes as well as to blank them off. Common inside a number of industries each Plug can adhere to exact needs and requirements, being made flexible or out of a particular material.

Different Shapes & Sizes

The best thing about using Plugs over alternate components is that they can become a cost effective and reliable source for finishing and completing products during the manufacturing process. It is because of this that they are produced in a huge array of different shapes, sizes and materials depending on the needs of a specific project. Some of the most common materials used include Vinyl, Polyurethane, LDPE & HDPE just to name a few.

Consumer Uses For Plugs

Along-side their use inside the Industry/Manufacturing, these kind of Plugs can also be found inside consumer households for general day-to-day uses. These uses, however general they may be, are effective in the sense that they easily complete a simple task such as filling or blanking off a panel hole.

Uses Inside the Manufacturing Industry

Plugs have a number of uses inside the Manufacturing Industry hence their wide availability. Coming in a number of different variants they can be used for almost anything such as:

To protect threads
To blank off a panel/hole
To add a finish to an application
To seal off a pipe or pole

As you can see, the uses found inside the Manufacturing Industry are similar to many consumer uses aside from the fact that they may be bought in much smaller quantities.

Materials Used

It would be pertinent to mention here that different grades of materials can be used depending on what it is they are going to be used for. For example a certain grade of PVC may be used to provide an added level of flexibility and tenacity to promote an air-tight fitting, preventing moisture, grime and dirt build up on the inside.

The different grades of material can help to ensure that shredding, resistance, splitting and insulation aren’t a problem further down the line when it would be too late to return or exchange. Another key reason for different grades of materials is to bring a different colour. Colours are often a high priority inside many industries to differentiate and to provide a clean, ideal finish. Some of the most common colours Plugs are produced in include:


Different Types Of Plugs

There is a huge number of variations of these products, mainly being separated into two main categories; These being Plastic Plugs & Rubber Plugs.

Rubber Plugs are regularly used for uses such as sealing and filling a hole, this is because of the properties that rubber provides as well as the cheap nature of the material. Rubber Plugs come in a wide range of styles depending on the uses you have for them, often coming with more advanced properties than their plastic counter-parts.

Some common types of Rubber Plugs include:

Silicone & EPDM Tapered Plugs
Blanking Plugs

Plastic Plugs on the other hand are often used for protection uses where the application may need screwing in, for example to protect a thread. Plastic Plugs are often the more cost effective option and are often deemed as a disposable product depending on what you use them for.

Some common types of Plastic Plugs include:

Threaded Plugs
Barrel Plugs

As a whole it is clear to see how important the different types of Plugs are in terms of their uses across Industry, especially inside Manufacturing where they are used every day to finish, protect and blank off.

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